Top Interior Design Firms in Dubai

Top Interior Design Firms in Dubai

There are a lot of amazing interior design firms you can rely on for help whether you want to build a Dubai villa or just for assistance in the design of your home’s interior. Learn more about some of the top ones out there!

Since its beginning, Bishop Design LLC was founded by Paul Bishop. It has completed numerous projects in the MENA region as well as across the world. Their portfolio includes hundreds of successful worldwide projects that have been successfully completed by the studio. They provide well-planned luxury design solutions, extensive product knowledge, cost expertise, and dedicated coordination and supervision.

KAF Design & Fit Out

KAF Design & Fit-Out is an award-winning company based in Dubai that provides high-end interior design and fitting-out services for all building sectors. From private residential to hospitality, retail and corporate projects, they deliver a dazzling array of designs that will make you ooh and aah.

The company is very proud of making use of the latest technology to create innovative and creative solutions for any problem. They collaborate to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the end product.

The bespoke services provided by the award-winning firm include everything from interior design and fitting-out to furniture and lighting installation. They take the time to listen to their clients and find out what they require from a a design point of view Then they work with their architects to design an interior that will suit their requirements.

They offer a range of services that are stunning, and a solid policy of customer service to ensure the best results for each client. This is why they are the preferred firm for all of your interior design needs.

This includes a full suite of tools for managing projects to ensure that all the components of your design are in place when your guests arrive at your opening reception. They can also help in selecting the appropriate colours and materials for your dream kitchen or bathroom or your lavish office space.

The team of the company’s award-winning is made up of a range of experts that include 3D visualizers, technical designers and site engineers. These experts are supported by a strong HR department that is committed to attracting, retaining , and encouraging the best of aspirational talent within this highly competitive field.

Artizan Interior Design

Artizan Interior Design is an interior design company based in Dubai that embodies the spirit of design excellence. They are famous for their hospitality and commercial projects. They combine research and implementation technology with a speedy delivery to provide high-quality service to an international market.

The team at this company is made up of professionals who are passionate about their work and take a personal approach to every project they tackle. They ensure that every client is happy with the final product.

The company employs highly skilled personnel comprising architects planners, designers, and 3D artists as well as specification writers, FF&E specialists and sustainability experts. They also have field representatives to ensure that every detail is flawless. They also offer a huge selection of products that can help to transform any space into one that is beautiful.

They are experts at designing luxury hotels and resorts. They are adept at creating new designs that inspire and delight.

Their team is well-versed in latest trends and ensures that clients are pleased with their work. Their reputation has earned them the title of being among the most respected interior design firms in Dubai.

They were founded in 2013 and display architecture of all scales using extraordinary craftsmanship, detail and the materiality. They are a leading, sustainability-principled and versatile design studio that is part of Saif Belhasa Holding.

The company has a large amount of experience and specializes in creating the signature look of all types of luxury brands. They also create luxury hotels, urban resorts and world-class residences. They have a large list of international clients and have an impressive portfolio of projects.

Versay Interiors

Versay Interiors, a Dubai-based interior design company has a skilled team of designers and architects. They have completed numerous interior design projects in many areas of the world. Their unique vision and individual style make their designs unique and distinctive.

They offer a broad range of products and services for interior projects that include residential, commercial and hospitality. They create a comfortable and attractive environment by focusing on the needs of their customers.

Rania Hamed, an experienced architect who has designed a variety of interiors throughout the world and is the studio’s chief designer. She is committed to creating timeless spaces that are highly practical and timeless.

The company believes that interior spaces can be inspiring and beautiful. The company believes that each client’s needs should be addressed individually. They consider carefully design decisions, the environment, material selection, personal comfort, technology integration and maintaining a sense the community and personal synergies with their clients.

They offer creative space planning, design and project management services that help make their projects a success. They employ top-quality materials and finishes to improve the aesthetics and appeal of their work.

They are a dynamic and young group of professionals working in the field of interior design and decoration for public or private spaces, such as hotels and apartments, houses, office buildings, shopping malls, and sports facilities. They work closely with their clients to understand their ideas and make them a reality.

Their interiors feature a contemporary, elegant design and luxury commercial interior design a luxurious touch. Their designs are based on the concepts of modern-day classical design. They are famous for combining modern design with classic and minimalist surroundings.

Vesper & Countaj

The United Arab Emirates is a location that combines modern architecture with a passion for luxurious design. The country is famous for its luxury shopping, glamour, and exclusive lifestyle. It’s not a surprise that it is home to some of the most skilled interior designers around the world.

Vesper & Countaj, an independent investment and architecture consulting firm, is based in France and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). They specialize in custom-made investment products for institutional and private investors.

If you’re looking for a luxurious interior design, architectural services, or a combination of the two, the experts at Vesper & Countaj can make your dream home become a reality. The design process they employ is focused on understanding your requirements, listening to your desires, and constructing an individual solution that is suited to all your requirements.

Their team includes engineers and architects who can work together with you to create an incredible space that matches your needs. You can trust them with your entire project, from initial planning to the completion of it.

They are proud to announce that each interior design space is unique. Each project is approached individually by the team with a focus on design choices including the environment, as well as the selection of materials and technology integration. This helps them maintain a sense community and personal relationships with their clients.

They provide a variety of products including furniture, lighting and other accessories. Their designs blend classic and contemporary styles to create an elegant and timeless look that is sure to be a big hit. The Sequoia Side Table is an example of a beautiful wooden piece that embodies the beauty and power of time. It has an oak root veneer top and is supported by the base of brass with a patina of age.


CREATIONS is CREATIONS is a Dubai company based in Dubai that specializes in renovation and construction of homes and villas. The company offers clients high-quality designs that will impress.

Since 2004, the company has been in operation and has been involved in numerous projects across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It has completed projects in commercial, residential and retail, as well as hospitality.

Atelier was created by Sneha Divias. It has an extensive portfolio of constructed work that spans residential and hospitality as well as workplace projects. It has offices in London, Dubai and manifests architecture of all sizes with exceptional craft, detail, and materiality.

Pallavi Dean is an interior designer whose work has been acknowledged in 2010 as the CID Middle East Young Interior Designer of the Year. She is a participant in the UAE design community, writing for industry publications, organizing events, and guiding students.

Another interior design company located in Dubai is XBD Collective. It is a group of talented designers who have the ability to create striking interiors.

The company is specialized in custom-designed design products and furnishings, making each project unique. They are also well-known for their meticulousness that allows them to create stunning aesthetics that will last the long-term test of time.

Bluehaus Group is a well-respected firm that offers multi-disciplinary consultancy services in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and Interior Design. Their portfolio of commissions extends across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

VSHD Design is an award winning design studio that focuses primarily on modern and classic settings. The designs are influenced by local art and craftsmanship and are socially and environmentally sustainable.

The team at Atelier is committed to creating timeless spaces that are a reflection of their clients their personalities. Their approach to design is based on sustainability, holistic, ingenuous project delivery , and user-centric design and research. Their work has been featured in numerous international publications and has been ranked among the most diverse portfolios of built projects in the region.