How to Fix Your Printers Driver is unavailable Error on Windows

Hence, it is recommended to use a special software for updating drivers like Auslogics Driver Updater to save time and effort. You can use the tool to update all obsolete drivers on your PC, including the printer driver, to their latest versions. You can do this with one click, and the tool will even help you detect and solve other driver-related issues. Several instances of the unavailable printer driver error are linked to a software upgrade. Users who recently made the jump to Windows 10 from an earlier version may find that the process damaged some device drivers.

  • A common way to update a driver for Windows is to use an installer program supplied by the manufacturer.
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  • In our environment, we only have like 3 models of printers, used by 1,000 users.

Keeping drivers up-to-date is essential for peak PC performance. We show you how to update drivers on Windows 7 and either manually or by using our automatic Driver Updater. After downloading, you’ll see that DriverFix has a user-friendly interface. Once the program starts up, it scans your PC for outdated and missing drivers and gives you immediate results. Missing our outdated drivers are shown in a list. Afterward, you can update the drivers individually if you’re on the free version or update all of them with one click on the paid tier.

Clarifying Essential Aspects Of Device Manager

Quality Updates Auto Restart Deadline Deadline in days for the device to restart automatically and silently outside of Active Hours. The system reboots on or after the specified deadline, and the reboot is prioritized over any configured Active Hours. If there are missing options in the Windows Update profile, consider deploying a custom settings profile.

Windows RE is supposed to appear after your PC has failed to boot two or three times. That depends on Windows 10 counting boots correctly, as distinct from restarting from sleep or recovering from some other failure. Assuming your PC is currently scanning and repairing drive how long, that interaction will take more than 2 hours, relying upon the size of your drive and problems found. It commonly quits refreshing around 10 or 11% and out of nowhere leaps to 100 when done.

Simple Updating Drivers Programs Considered

This policy sets the RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators registry entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers\PointAndPrint\ to 0. You can find a full list of the device class GUIDs in Windows here.

Essential Criteria For Updating Drivers Simplified

To do this, you must know the brand and model of your printer. This will enable you to choose the correct driver to download.