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Benzinga Pro is built for traders and investors to receive actionable market news and research in real time. And as stock newsletter and investing research sites grow to understand the appeal of stock chat rooms, more and more, they’re including these features as part of their more comprehensive services. « traders » are in contact with « brokers » – that is, with the above-mentioned investment banks’ « sales »; however, this profile is absent from asset management firms that chose to outsource their trading desk. Ironically, this is the best chat room I’ve been a part of and it’s the best one I’ve ever used and its 100% free.

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I’ve traded all of the spotlight stocks and use the daily and weekly watch lists to find the big movers of the day. From a research perspective, the Financial Trading Room offers broad opportunities for faculty and student collaborations. The ability to quickly access and assimilate current and historical financial data significantly supports quantitative faculty research, while also providing learning opportunities for students who assist in extracting the required information. Further, access to commodity and financial data creates opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Through team-based and individual study, students gain a greater understanding of how financial markets respond to new information.

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It would be extremely difficult to find another platform that comes remotely close to this product’s capability. I believe that Stock-Trak is the perfect combination for any trading room. The Financial Trading Room is an experiential learning environment in which students can observe the interaction of market concepts and behaviors through simulated trading and analyses. Based on the research and observations of faculty members across the country, it has been found that the immediacy of stock and global news information adds important realism to the classroom. Tom’s Trading Room has partnered with Hubb® to provide even more tools to our traders.

His goal to help individual investors propel themselves past 99% of the trading crowd. The real-time chat lets the community connect while you trade and learn. View our proprietary scanners, get ideas, and tune in to premarket analysis starting at 8am ET. Seeking Alpha Premium helps you find profitable investing ideas, improve your portfolio, research stocks better and faster as well as track the news to find investing opportunities. Bear Bull Traders is a community filled with serious traders from around the world, including talented and watchful moderators. Stock chat rooms are archived, so when traders jump into a discussion, they can see what has already been talked about and how long ago comments were made.


List to spartan live as I trade is just another level of professionalism. Alongside the Live Video Stream , where you can watch Spartan and the moderators trade in real-time, all users receive access to Discord – our live instant messaging tool where trade ideas are posted and reviewed. Below you will see a screenshot example of what some of those ideas look like. Kyle Woodley oversees Young & The Invested’s investing coverage, including stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds , mutual funds, real estate, alternatives, and other investments. The best stock chat room, message board, or forum for you depends on factors such as whether you’re a serious or casual trader, your budget, and any other tools/services you might want.

Our team will set you up with access to the trading chat room so that you could learn from Meir’s live trades, understand the potential of day trading, and learn from the very best. Advanced traders can (and should!) use stock trading chat rooms to bounce ideas off other experienced traders. Investors Underground is an online day trading community of literally thousands of day traders from around the globe, providing a boisterous chat room, educational materials, trading resources, and support from your fellow investor.

Education Through Gamification

Along video monitors, left space had to be found on desks to install a computer screen. The Hughey Center for Financial Services , named in honor of Bentley University alumnus David A. Hughey ’55 , was established in 1997. The center was inaugurated by Mr. Peter S. Lynch, the former manager of Magellan Fund, and Vice Chairman, Fidelity Management & Research Company. The HCFS has earned a national reputation and has been featured on national and international media. The center’s mission is to extend the educational goals of Bentley University through innovative classroom pedagogy, cutting-edge financial research, and real-world applications. The stock trading room was made possible by Hollinger’s gift to the SU Foundation’s comprehensive campaign, Charting the Course Lighting the Way comprehensive campaign for Shippensburg University.

Any and all information on our website is for educational purposes only, and should not be considered tax, legal or investment advice. A referral to a security is not an indication to buy, sell or hold that security. Testimonials or descriptions of past performance are not indicative of future results or performance, and are not intended to be a representation, warranty or guarantee that similar results will be obtained by you. Our staff experience with trading is not typical as these are experienced persons. Like any other professions, becoming an experienced trader takes hard work, dedication and a significant amount of time. Your results may differ materially from those expressed or utilized by our site.

  • Kyle Woodley is the Editor-in-Chief of Young and the Invested .
  • Whether they create their own strategy or follow a pre-built strategy, having the right tools to implement them is key.
  • Seeking Alpha manages to be nearly free of spam and promotional comments.
  • You’ll need to know how to scan for setups and place trades yourself to succeed as a trader.
  • The terms « dealing room » and « trading floor » are also used, the latter being inspired from that of an open outcry stock exchange.

The development of the internet triggered the fall of the cost of information, including financial information. Chat room with professional traders, daily watch lists, spotlight trade ideas, 8-K scanning, and more! Whether you are using our virtual stock market simulation or our personal budgeting game, each includes embedded curriculum to make sure students are learning each step of the way. Site licenses are available for larger programs, trading rooms, and campus wide financial literacy initiatives. I have never been as profitable as I have been since I joined the Spartan team. The information is straight forward, it makes sense and at the end of every trading day, it makes me money.

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The trader juggled with handsets to discuss with several brokers simultaneously. The electromechanical, then electronic, calculator enabled him or her to perform basic computations. Trading rooms are made up of « desks », specialised by product or market segment (equities, short-term, long-term, options…), that share a large open space.

Telephone and teleprinter have been the broker’s first main tools. The teleprinter, or Teletype, got financial quotes and printed them out on a ticker tape. US equities were identified by a ticker symbol made of one to three letters, followed by the last price, the lowest and the highest, as well as the volume of the day. Broadcasting neared real time, quotes being rarely delayed by more than 15 minutes, but the broker looking for a given security’s price had to read the tape… You can register for free, or you might step up to a Silver or Diamond account.

Aside from the chat rooms and alerts, the site offers information and statistics on its alerts. You can see how successful the site has been over long periods of time. Plus, you can check out the blog or review the education section if you’re new to options trading. You don’t make trades on the site—you learn about your trades.

Trade Ideas has a free live day trading chat room where users can interact with the Trade Ideas team and/or other members of the community. Barrie Einarson, an investor experienced in day trading and swing trading, hosts the live trading room and is an expert at utilizing Trade Ideas’ technology. We want to think of our trading rooms and community as thepay it forwardmovement within the trading world.

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This might be due in part to the fact that new automatically start out in moderation before soon moving on to unmoderated posting. Moderation decisions are done by the site’s independent, in-house team. Posts with personal attacks, abusive language, promotion, or trolling, are promptly removed. If you scroll to the bottom of most of the site’s expert articles, you’ll find comment-thread discussions by advanced and novice investors alike. Members share differing perspectives, point out oversights, and sometimes add to the author’s original bull or bear case.

We want to be upfront that our team does not call out trades in our trade rooms. Blindly following anyone into a trade is dangerous, especially concerning penny stocks. It’s a great trade room tolearn how to trade penny stocks the right way and the safe way.

In the late 1960s, the building was targeted for demolition and became the focus of an important, although ultimately unsuccessful, preservation battle. During the course of demolition, photographer and activist Richard Nickel was working to salvage ornam from the building when the unstable structure collapsed and he was tragically killed. At the same time, the monumental entry arch of the Stock Exchange was erected on the museum grounds near the corner of Monroe Street and Columbus Drive. The Center will become a central hub for accounting students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals to collaborate together.

The Department of Finance offers Bloomberg certification through a Creative Inquiry course in the spring. For additional information about the trading room or the CI course contact John Alexander. An instructor workstation equipped to control the projection screens to include a document camera, DVD/VHS player, and related auxiliary video/computer inputs.